Life Changes, we now have fun expressing!

Together, We communicate with the Energy of You. Creating opulence, Radiant Health and Release Stress. Life Changes you can have fun Expressing.

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Here’s what people are saying about Felicia:


My income doubled in 3 days”- MM

Because I’ve been dealing with people pleasing and codependency issues in my sessions with Felicia, there was a situation in my family that could have really put me over the edge. I was really able to match calamity with serenity although I knew the problem was there I knew the problem wasn’t mine and I was able to share love in the midst of the storm. So with all that said everyone in the universe should get reconnected to the universe with The debugging program…. So if you really ready to rise above your emotions into the thinking of God…. I will tell you get to ******* debug**** …it’s awesome- Dr. Arisah, Psychotherapist

My confidence increased, now I can talk all day to anyone & anybody about who I am and what I do! I have never been able to do that. Wow!” – CW 


Before working my group session with Felicia, I was distressed, discouraged, and burnt out, but after our time together, I was instantly able to experience clarity in my personal and professional goals.” – Natalie – St. Croix, 2015 De-Stress from Your Mess Retreat


“Before working with Felicia, my company was at a standstill. Three (3) days after a group session on Blab with Felicia, my business increased exponentially and my thoughts were clearer about the direction of my business. Procrastination gone! It was POWERFUL.”- Eric Smith, Hawaii



l am a mother of five, grandmother of 23 and I also own and operate my own Child

Care Center. It has actually been over 10 years since the lost of my Mom, my best friend. For whatever reason, my Mom had been on my mind in such a strong way for the past few weeks. I believe I was going through moments of mental anxiety, re-calling how she sacrificed so much for not only her children but the children she care for too.. My desire has always been to properly care for my children the way that my Mom did for us; but not to the point where I seen her stress from what I now feel was too much. And then witnessing so much death and destruction involving our youth and young adults over the past few months I was actually having even more anxiety issues worrying that something could happen and I not have enough time with my children to offer them the things I feel they should have. My blood pressure was extremely high.

When I had my session with Felicia- ‘my body was communicating to me that I was actually living in my Mom’s Persona or/ valance. I was worrying and stressing; like I saw her do, about not being able to do for my children. Also worrying about losing them to this crazy world.

After receiving my session and actually acknowledging what was resonating as the truth from ‘my body talk’ all I can say is thank you. I left work, went home and slept better than I had in a few days. I truly felt a release! Since that session I have been able to have fun with all my children and I have been back to enjoying my child like state…(lol) . I can say I feel more relaxed and back to accepting the fact that everything that happens –happens by His will. I really appreciate the session and the wake up call.  Debi Muhammad Debi’s Day Care Columbus, OHIO



“Before working with Felicia, I was afraid to make cold calls and talk to people about my business. After my 1st session with Felicia, the next morning, I made 5 calls and set 3 appointments. 3 days later, I closed 1.4 million dollars in Sales accounts.”- R.W Financial Professional


After my first session with Felicia, I had a profound emotional release to some of the core issues she was able to identify. These are issues that I had been completely unaware of and had been holding onto for over 50 years. 

Just 4 hours after my 2nd session with her, I am responding better to the Parkinson’s medicine. This is a big deal, as lately my response to the medication had been horribly fitful and so unsightly that I had difficulty going out of the home. I realize that de-bugging my subconscious is a process, and this is one I look forward to as I continue to work with Felicia. 

She truly is gifted! Mary O.-California


During my RAE session with Felicia, she was able to hone-in on the exact issue I needed to clear at the time.  She also guided me through an amazing meditation that allowed me to release a huge block to my self-healing. Felicia is very good at what she does!

I feel as though a heavy burden has been lifted and I am deeply grateful for her assistance.

With love & appreciation,

Tracy :))) Greenville, MA



David_Issacson FFM
Prior to my session with Felicia, I was feeling stuck in the financial aspect of my life. After our time together, I was instantly able to feel a shift internally,  which felt like a weight or pressure inside my head letting go. It involved my relationship with my birth-mother, who passed on long ago, and a tie to her family history of depression. This was a connection with my finances that I was unaware of, and which Felicia was able to uncover and release in less than an hour together on the phone.
One Month later, I am still experiencing more financial freedom as a result.
Thank you, Felicia!
-David Isaacson
Sustainability Manager
Zero Water Consulting, LLC


                          Wow! I had no idea that I was blocked in this way.
Ms. Felicia conducted an amazing energy session on me all the way fr Chicago, and my person is here in Puerto Rico.  She was thorough, patient and informative, as she guided me through the process while on Google Hangout.  By the time we got to the point where I required a release, it felt like the flood gates opened up.  Such huge insights came immediately, and are still coming now. We are ascending!
                           —– Mu-Shemsu’t Rita Stewart
Master Force Academy- CEO, Author of the Nu-Goddess Agenda



“Your Spiritual advance has help me to find peace in some of the most stressful moments. I am also a motivator for others and I feed off of the motivation that you present.”- Henry M. Carter, MBA Motivational Coach & Author “Who Moved My Nuts?”


“As Divine Order would have it, I had a coaching sOneness lifestyles ecard2ession with my mentee, Felicia, who I’ve been coaching & consulting for 12 years. She is now a wonderful healer in her own right. Today she got me so clear through her  make a “DO You “ List” process that I made a decision. As a result of her COACHING ME, I am able to really truly express my own healing adventures and life experiences which make me perfect in all my imperfections to serve others with pain & trauma to heal and thrive.” ~Shifa! Awakens™ OWL Coach, Author & Media Maven http://onenesswellnessfoundation.com




Kevin 3529crop copy

I enrolled in P.O.W.E.R. VIP Membership Program to help my improve my business brand with website support and increasing my social media presence.  Well I must say after working with her for 6 wks, I have seen a 40% increase in activity and scheduling program that is the best thing ever.  I now have a weekly video blog and a regular guest spot on 2 different  shows.  K.M.  Certified Hair and Scalp Disorder Specialist, Akashic Records Practitioner  Trichologist,  www.esi-hairlossandwellness.com



We are The Forgotten Foods…Remembered. We have been in the wellness business for 10 years. We were introduced to Felicia Muhammad via another health enterprise.

On a personal level, because of her spiritual foundation, she has helped us through some difficult times and circumstances. No matter what is going on…she maintains a cool and level head. She is beautiful on the inside and out and as a result she is a role model for higher living and a respected and trusted leader in the wellness industry. Felicia continues to demonstrate her proactive business acumen and follow-thru to get the job done. We love working with her. I would absolutely trust her health guidance and recommend Felicia Muhammad and her company to accelerate your life and business.
Baratunde & Kay’ah Ma’at,  Founders  www.theforgottenfoods.com   www.exoticadventurewellnessjourney.com

TCPS_Web_logo6In the start-up phase of my business, there were many financial components, I needed to complete for my business, which I had no idea how to complete.  After working with Felicia, I was able to save hundreds of dollars and complete the paper work with clarity and confidence. ~ PJC  http://www.tcps-worldwide.com~ World-class professional security firm





After a K.U.P.* (Know Your Purpose) & Karmic Debt session with Felicia, I was able to re-connect with my estranged father to heal our relationship. ~ J.M 


“I am 17 years older than Coach Felicia, she has given me a courageous blueprint to live life on my own terms. As a result, I now make empowered decisions from a place of confidence and enlightenment. ”         – L.G. Chicago Public School

Working with Coach Felicia inspires me to rely on self-help, researching and applying it to my individual needs and which in return blesses me to share information with others.  As a result of working with Felicia, I now make time to treat and maintain healthy habits for my hair as well as for body as a lifestyle. I now look at the cup has half full instead of half empty. ~ T.S.


“Before working with Felicia, I suffered constantly with abdominal cramps and pain (Crohn’s Disease). Since starting her Oneness Wellness lifestyles nutritional program, I have regained my appetite, have consistently full bowel movements, and stress free (for the most part). I have not had any obstruction in 3 years. I feel great, best investment I have made. Now my relationships have improved. ” –W.R

“Because I followed, with some resistance, Felicia’s OWL Blueprint, I lost 20 lbs. which I gained as a result of having knee surgery.  Felicia is very encouraging and persistently consistent and will get in the trenches with you to support you. Excellent investment in me.”-  B.W.



As a result of working with Felicia over the last 4 months, the ‘personal summers’PMS are under control, all but non exsistant. Now I don’t have to freeze my husband out the bed.~ Wilhemia Fleming, ATL  


In 2009, I discovered I had fibroids. After following the Womb Wellness protocol, now the fibroids are shrinking naturally, my menstrual cycle only last 3-5 days instead 6-10, and I no longer experience nausea or gagging before my cycle (menses).  M. F. ~ Charlotte NC


Before working with Felicia Muhammad, I was in a space of returning to old ways of being and patterns that produce no positive results. Essentially, I was stuck … despondent, directionless, and in despair. Thus the breakup of a long-term relationship and its effects, hurt and resentment, had rendered me powerless, exhausted, and ineffective as it relates to areas of my business, my life, and my relationships with others.  After our time together, I was instantly able to create a new and positive perspective of my life circumstance, enabling me to restore confidence, self-empowerment, and integrity. In addition, my business goals are back on track; and, a new structure for its development is in action. In relation to my health, I SLEEP!!!  I would absolutely recommend Felicia Muhammad, because she has substantively provided the tools towards a life of fulfillment where anything positive is possible. Thank you.   J.W. – Publicist  Chicago

Before my series of clearings with Felicia, I was living uncomfortably in my comfort zone. I had gone from being a very independent woman to a single mother dependent on everyone around me. I knew deep down that life had more meaning for me, I was supposed to be moving forward and I felt stuck. It was easier to live in my mediocrity, in victim hood, than it was to look at myself in the mirror and take responsibility for the life I had created.

After my sessions with Felicia, my life began to shift drastically. At first so fast, it felt chaotic and a bit overwhelming. I could feel myself shedding and ridding the parts of myself that no longer served me. I began releasing old thought patterns. Friendships that had been draining me came to an end. I was forced to move from where me and my daughter we’re living and at first it felt like my world was collapsing. However, at the very same time, opportunities began to emerge and new friendships began to form with people who were in alignment with my life purpose. With less effort, I began receiving more responses with my business marketing. I felt the constructions of fear begin to fade and began to forgive myself and others. My confidence in myself and my abilities started to grow. In the midst of the chaos I began to pave my way to inner peace. I am much clearer with who I Am and my life purpose.

If you are considering working with Felicia, do it!! She will take you on a journey of self discovery and she is there for you through your entire experience to guide and assist you. I highly recommend it. Much love and light to you on your path!– D.D. Indiana [/ms_testimonial]


Since our 1st session. I have felt a heaviness release. I am sleeping very sound. My tension in my shoulder was completely gone immediately after the session. I have found a new sense of awareness with others issues & learning how to work them out instead of harboring them and learning to release. Thank you Chariesse, Singer, & Author -Chattanooga



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