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Scalp Massage- to increase blood circulation to the scalp area, it promotes hair growth

Scalp Exfoliation service- This is a scalp facial, lifts dead skin and dried oils and sweat from the scalp. it cleanses the hair folicals, and rejuvinates the dermal layer of skin,promots hair growth

Galvanic Scalp treatment- increases blood flow to the scalp, promoting hair growth

Infar Red scalp Therapy- Non evasive scalp  therapy that increases blood to scalp which promotes hair growth

Compass Scan - this is a biodermal scan that produces a result that lets you know what nutritioal suppliments your body is in need of

Digital scalp scan and analysis- this process uses a microscope to analize the scale and folicle.  This will show the condition of hair, scalp and folicle.  This exam is required to help give prognosis for hairloss

Blood typing service- provides your blood type to assist in diet managment 

Massage therapy- to relieve stress and promotes relaxation

Cranial Prosthetic Measuring Hair Restoration Service- Revolutionary prostectic unit for clients that have situational hair loss.  (crown,temples)